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Killzone Fly Trap Devices

With advancing technology and innovations, pest control activities, especially in food manufacturing facilities, now include non-toxic applications. One of the key steps in these applications is the use of Flying Insect Traps (Insect Light Traps), which combine the allure of UV (ultraviolet) light with the capturing power of sticky traps.

Who should prefer?

At Killzone, we manufacture 4 different EFC (Electric Fly Control) devices tailored for optimal quality, efficiency, and aesthetic considerations, designed to fit various positioning requirements.

Our EFC devices, crafted with precision using high-quality metal components and electronics, not only monitor the designated area 24/7 throughout the year but also contribute to reducing the population of problematic pests.

Our products, which do not use any no name materials, are in accordance with the CE CERTIFICATION and have obtained the “NON-BIOCIDAL PRODUCTS WITHOUT ACTIVE SUBSTANCE NOTIFICATION REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE” from the Turkish Ministry of Health Public Health Institution, in compliance with the Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU (formerly 2006/95/EC). Feel free to review the certificates of our Fly Traps and check the images on the side.

What Do We Produce?


Application Areas

Factory and Food Production Facilities

Hygiene standards compliant, certified and approved industrial solutions

Hotels and Inns

Offering top-tier service alternatives to your visitors.

Hospitals and Health Institutions

Modern solutions to minimize the risk of disease and infection

Restaurants and Cafes

Effective solutions for enhancing customer comfort in your restaurant or cafe

Markets and Supermarkets

Environmentally conscious solutions ideal for grocery stores' produce and butcher sections

Home and Workplaces

Elegant solutions ideal for both residential and commercial settings

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